Terms and Conditions of sale


All sales orders must be signed by the customer to become a valid order. All sales are final, no returns, no credits, no refunds of any sort. Warranties are solely provided against manufacturing defects, No warranties other than as noted in writing is expressed or implied, Glide-Lock is a supply only company and does not perform installations of any manner. Glide-Lock may refer third party independent contractors /installers in various markets and receive no financial gains or benefits from this service. Glide-Lock assumes no responsibility of contractors/installers who may be referred and it is the sole responsibility of the customer to perform their own due diligence before hiring any contractor/installer.  All items that you agree to purchase will be properly listed within a sales order which is the buyers responsibility to review and confirm the accuracy of the items listed. Glide-Lock reserves all rights to limit quantities, refuse a sale, or discontinue a product or product line at anytime. Any shortages, damages must be stated on your shipping receipt otherwise your claim will not be valid.  Customer agrees to pay in full for all materials received as noted on the sales order and/or shipping receipt. Concealed damages must be reported in writing within 2 hours of delivery otherwise claim will be denied. Customer agrees to provide feedback of negative dissatisfaction only through the means of the customer feedback form on this website as an initial step toward a resolution in resolving their matter. If the issue/s cannot be resolved in this matter then the customer agrees to the next step in the process of binding arbitration and then as a final resource will be civil litigation in Sioux Falls, SD and not through social media, gossiping or disseminating negative information about Glide-Lock or its employees. If such occurrence shall happen it will result in punitive damages of not less than $250,000.00 and up to 1 million dollars for each occurrence which can not be included in a bankruptcy proceeding. All signed documents between the customer and Glide-Lock are considered legal binding contracts and all applicable laws of South Dakota apply regarding contract of sale.  Customer is not permitted at anytime to consult, negotiate and/or purchase products from Glide-Lock vendors or business affiliates without written authorization of Glide-Lock Mfg, Inc. Any claims and or litigation that may arise between the parties regardless of who initiated, Sioux Falls, SD will remain the jurisdiction. All claims must be submitted in writing to the corporate office address Glide-Lock Mfg, Inc. 3916 N Potsdam Ave #231 Sioux Falls, SD 57104. If Glide-Lock files a claim and/or lawsuit against the customer for reason of non payment or breach of contract the customer will be responsible for all reasonable attorney fees and court cost incurred by Glide-Lock.

Customer assumes all responsibility for measurements, quantity, size and application for all items ordered.