Donation Program

How the Glide-Lock purchase donation program works:

Glide-Lock will donate 3% of your total dollar purchase to the non profit organizations ONLY as listed on our community/media page. The donation will be made in your name or the name that you provide in the form below within 30 days of invoice. If we do not receive written notice from you as to which organization you desire your donation to go to, the decision will be made internally by our office staff to the organization of our choice in the name of Glide-Lock. Glide-Lock Mfg, Inc. is not responsible to make donations to any other organization other than provided here on our site. If in any case you do not wish to contribute to either of the organizations listed please submit the form noting NONE in the box next to organization for donation. Glide-Lock does not under any circumstances provide any cash back, discounts or any other type of financial responsibility to the buyer if you choose not to contribute.

Thank you for doing your part in making a difference in our world.

People Helping People
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